How does it work?

Spectre in the Shadows tells stories in a unique way. Rather than the traditional means of telling a story through just plain text or video, The Spectre uses several different forms of media.


Music is the core of the project and the primary means with which the stories are told. By using elements from hard rock and metal as well as orchestral and more traditional instruments, the music becomes a powerful medium to relate the developments of the story. At times it is very emotional and soft, but at other times it is heavy and fast.


Of course no good story can be told without prose. Whilst music is perfect for conveying emotion as well as the ups and downs of a story, it is limited. It is not possible to provide details such as who the characters are and what exactly they are doing through music alone. These are provided via an accompanying text which can be found on this website as well as with any CD.


Videos play a very important role in the course of The Spectre’s story telling. They provide a way to combine a visual media with the music and also allow for quite a more immersive experience.


The stage is a much more traditional means of telling a story to an audience. Whilst there are currently no concrete shows planned, it does not mean that a show is not being worked on. Indeed, they will play a very important role in the future of Spectre in the Shadows.