Trouble’s a brewin’

There’s a feeling of foreboding that you get deep down in the pit of your stomach when you know there is something approaching which is unexplainable and maybe, just maybe incomprehensible. The question isn’t about whether it is there or not, but rather what to do with it.

Storm clouds are gathering on the horizon and bit by bit assembling themselves into an entity which may be the bearer of glad tidings, but may also be the source of that trepidation.

Do you have that feeling yet?

Welcome to Spectre in the Shadows

Let us tell you a story. You may like it or you may not, but we guarantee that you will be entertained. Sometimes it will be inspirational, sometimes it will be funny whilst other times it will tragic and depressing.

The music may speak to you, the text might move you, the videos could inspire you and yet, you may just simply close your browser window and walk away as though nothing happened…

That might be better in the end…

Welcome to Spectre in the Shadows.

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